VIT-AP Advantage

VIT University is currently India’s top private engineering institution and has retained its position consistently in the past years. Our innovations in the fields of education and research have set the benchmark for higher education in India. With this history of 32 years, VIT has launched VIT-AP which is poised to become one of the country's best campuses. Below are a few key features that will make your experience at our campus unique. ​

  •  Programmes to include mandatory work experience (co-op) in industry.
  •  Focus on Engineering and Technology competencies, identified by industry and professional societies.
  •  Emphasis on hands-on-experience and real-world industrial applications.
  •  Strong international exposure.
  •  Fully Flexible Credit System (FFCSTM) and Curriculum for Applied Learning (CALTM)
  •  VIT-AP + 2 years overseas + 1 year work abroad.
  •  Collaborative Masters and Doctoral level studies with International Universities.
  •  Well-connected Placement cell.
  •  Programs with heavy involvement of Industry and International partners.