B. Tech


The B. Tech programme offered at VIT-AP comprises meticulously designed courses for the highly motivated and talented students. With an introduction to fundamentals in the respective disciplines, the students are gradually initiated in a process of innovative and applied learning. From the first semester itself, students are immersed in a systematic acquisition of scientific knowledge and engineering mindset in Engineering Clinics where they carry out hands-on experiments related to program content. The programmes offered cover three chief domains- Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical, and Electronics and Communication.

With a 200-Acre Fast Growing Campus and a global outlook, the advantage of studying at VIT-AP is its focus on
  Application Oriented Academics
  Engineering Clinics to Implement and Innovate
  Fully Flexible Credit System (FFCS)
  Digital Campus
  Mandatory Internship / Co-op
  Diverse and Versatile Faculty
  International Transfer and Semester Abroad Programmes
  Vibrant Campus Life
  On-campus Hostels
  Cosmopolitan Atmosphere
  Unbeatable Placement Advantage

About the Programme

The programmes under Computer Science and Engineering aim at a unique blend of hardware and software, allowing students to gain knowledge about the concepts that enable many of today’s fundamental technologies, including Wireless Communication and the Internet of Things. In the subsequent years of the programme, the students are engaged in more complex real world issues which require strong problem-solving skills, logical reasoning and an innovative outlook. The programme aims at producing qualified individuals who explore avenues as engineering professionals, innovators or entrepreneurs engaged in technology development, engineering system implementation and other related areas.

The programmes under Electronics and Communication Engineering provide a strong knowledge base covering areas such as Applied Electromagnetics, Digital system design with FPGAs, Embedded System Design, Analog Modulation techniques, Signals and Systems, Digital Communication, Optical Communication and Networks, Measurements and Transducers, Digital Image Processing, Real Time Data Acquisition Systems, Mobile communications and networks. The students in the programme have the opportunity to work in specially designed and well- equipped labs. With several modern techonolgies and facilities, in-house projects, and industry internships in the programme, they are enabled to explore career avenues as design engineers, automation engineers, quality testing and other related areas.

The programmes under Mechanical Engineering focus on in-depth study of thermal, design, manufacturing and automation courses at core curriculum level to design the systems relevant for industries. The programme consists of a relevant amalgamation of hands-on experience, capstone project, and industry internships which enable the students to responsibly design, implement and produce mechanical engineering systems.The aim is to channel the knowledge and experience gained in the programme towards making a significant contribution to the industry and society. Upon completion of the programme, employment opportunities in the automobile, manufacturing, instrumentation and mechanical engineering design oriented industries could be explored.

At present, VIT-AP offers the following B.Tech programmes:
  B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering
  B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Data Analytics
  B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Networking & Security
  B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering with Specialization in VLSI
  B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering with Specialization in Embedded Systems
  B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering

Important points

 For B.Tech admissions VITEEE is Mandatory.
  Applications will be issued online and offline from 9th November onwards.
  The common counselling for B.Tech admissions will be conducted at the following places

          * VIT-AP, AP
          * Vellore, TN
          * Chennai, TN
          * Bhopal, MP

 Students can attend counselling at any of the above places to get admission in to any of the VIT campuses.
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